SuperHero Yoga!

During the winter months, our school explored topics related to the theme “Inside Out”. During this theme I pulled inspiration from the wonderful movie Inside Out. For more information on that, CLICK HERE!

A co-worker shared this PDF with me about the importance of Super Hero Play in preschool. It explores emotions, self confidence, personal identity, growth, change, etc. Which are all topics that we were already exploring in the theme. Therefor integrating superhero play into our curriculum was very easy. We started with your basic pretend play, story telling, and provided super hero themed learning tools. But I felt that something was missing. Around that same time I had been slowly introducing the class to Yoga. Interest in yoga was spotty at best, and I realized that I had to make the poses relatable to the children to keep them interested. And that is how I came up with Super Hero Yoga!

This activity is really simple and required practically no preparation. The kids catch on quickly, and it is something that can be molded, modified, and expanded as needed! After teaching the children the poses that I have listed on the PDF, they ran with it creating their own poses that correspond to other super heros they like.

So take a peek, enjoy, and leave some feedback!



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