“Inside Out” is Wonderful!


If you haven’t already seen the movie “Inside Out” stop what you are doing and watch it.


Psychology tells us that there are 5 basic emotions. Some theorist say there are only four and pair up a few, others will  expand on an emotion and split it into two different emotions, but the middle ground of the argument says there are 5. And Pixar used that middle ground theory to lay out the story line, plot, and character archs for the movie. If you have ever studied Psychology, or work in a field that uses human psychology, you will be all over this movie! The 5 basic emotions are Happy, Sad, Anger, Fear, and Disgust. The 5 characters in the movie are Joy, Sadness, Anger, Fear, and guess what? Disgust. Then the movie goes into the inner workings of the mind, and how one emotion can become the “ruling” emotion (the leading emotion) or how some people keep the emotions even and equal, while others can not. What I found interesting is that the adults in the movie seemed to have a set emotion, that overtook their other emotions. I don’t want to give anything away for those that have not seen it, but to put it in perspective.. Some people had all anger characters, and they only differed on the type of anger they were. So there was a Sadness anger, and a fearful anger and so on.

I won’t go into the rest of the movie and how accurately they managed to visually represent the human mind, just know that it  is amazing.

I did find a chart that shows you how the different emotions can come together to create different and more complex emotions.


I shared this chart with the kids and even though some of them did not understand some of the emotions, being able to build how they felt using colors that correspond with emotions they knew became very helpful.I made some items to assist them in the process and continue to use these items when we need to take a break to sort out how we feel about a situation. (i.e. when a friend hurts our feelings, when we miss mommy, when we don’t want to do something)

insideout tools

We did a lot with this movie for the unit (How I Feel Portraits, My feelings Chart, and we even explored color mixing!) This is something I will definitely use again.


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