Teaching Surrealism to Preschoolers

A few years ago I did an end of the year art show with our group of preschoolers. And it was AMAZING! We talked about Picasso, Warhol, Da Vinci, Salvador Dahli, Kandisnky, and Van Gogh! I am currently revisiting this lesson and pulling from it for our end of the year “Premier”. I decided to start things off with Surrealism!

We are coming off of two weeks of poetry for National Poetry month, so to make the transition easier (and to not completely stop and start topics) we blended the two together. We read the poem “Mr. Moody” by Shel Silverstein, which cleverly makes you think you are going to see an illusion, but you do not, so the poem itself is an illusion! Then we looked at optical illusions, like the ones here:

To better understand the concept of illusions we turned to surrealism and the power of the imagination! We did this by constructing faces made of different parts. First we all cut out a variety of eyes, noses, and mouths to chose from. Then we picked out individual parts that we would like to use in our face and put them together! The faces we came up with were silly, and even though they had all the parts to them that the face does they were not quite right. They were rather irrational, Surreal!


If you like this project there is also a very clever Montesouri inspired project that uses the same principles! Check it out HERE!  We might even try it!



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