Preschool, Picasso, and Shapes!

Today we dove straight into Cubism! The transition from surrealism to cubism was very smooth. I think that the concept of cutting paper to create images, both from the magazines for the surreal faces project, and now with cutting shapes, paired with reading and discussing Eric Carle books and illustration process, really cemented the concepts that we are trying to teach. Just making a note of that for future reference and thought.

The children looked at two different Picasso paintings at circle time, one of which was the painting “Three Musicians”.


In past years I have used the book “The Three Musicians: A Children’s Book Inspired by Picasso” by Veronique Massenot as a teaching resource. This year I did not have a copy so I continued without it.

The children spent some time looking over the painting and picking out shapes they saw. We made a list of all the shapes we found. Then we pulled out the white board and shape magnets, and together made a Picasso inspired face!

It’s adorable….

I left the board and the magnets out for future exploration.

Then some children were interesting in making some independent abstract art. I put out paper, scissors, and glue and let them create!

Here is some of what they have come up with so far:

Top Left: “My Baby Brother” Top Right: “An ATV” Bottom Left “A Lion” Bottom Right “A Train”

Can you see it?


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