Retail Representatives Visit Preschools!?

Wait, What? Did you know that some companies will send out their HR reps to schools to help promote their brand? It’s true. And it makes sense, because it is practically free advertising! And the kids LOVE it.

I can’t imagine as a grown up, how exciting a visit from “The Costco Man” is. I can try though. Supermarkets, stores, anywhere other than home… is an adventure. Possibly even an amusement park! Especially places like Costco, who we had visit today. I’m a grown up, and Costco feels kind of like an amusement park. Sometimes there are even kiddie rides there!

We had been talking about our home town and state for about a month, and we discovered that the children had a certain fascination with Costco. So much so, that some children went home and persuaded their parents into buying memberships! So on a hunch one of our teachers called Costco to see if they can send us stickers, or any promotional materials we could use in the classroom. What they offered us instead blew our minds! They said they could do a school visit! Before long, we had the whole thing set up and started telling the children about it. They became very excited. So excited, that when the Costco Man showed up today, their cheers were so loud that we could hear them in the front lobby!

The Costco Man was great with the children. He asked them questions about their visits at Costco, and what they liked to eat at the Cafe. Then he handed out sale flyers for the children to look at. I watched the children identify different items on their flyers and some pretended to talk about buying them and “sales”. Then the Costco man handed out fruit snacks to everyone and promised to bring by stickers for them too!

I am still in awe over how star struck the children were over “The Costco Man” and glad that we were able to align the stars to make that magic happen for them.

I wonder what is next?


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