Messy MakerSpaces!

MakerSpaces are wonderful! I am currently obsessed with all the ways teachers can create Makers Spaces in their classrooms, in fact I believe it is possible to make a classroom one big MakerSpace! They foster the idea of open ended/ project based learning and play based learning and creative exploration and much much more! Makers Spaces also utilize loose parts to their full potential. But be warned, I have found that is can make for a very messy room. I teach the children to respect their creative spaces, and help them learn to have responsibility for those spaces. Despite my intentions, our spaces often end up looking cluttered and unorganized. I am currently looking for a solution to this problem, and will share my findings! The NAEYC TYC magazine had a wonderful article on MakerSpaces in their last issue. The article is not available to non-members online, but if you are a member I encourage you to read the article Inventions, Gizmos, and GadgetsOh My! How to Help Your Preschoolers Get the Most Out of Your Makerspace” by Lisa Mufson Bresson and Megan King.

Aside from Makers Spaces being all the rage in Early Childhood Organizations, they are quite popular in many communities! Check these out!

TinkerSmith MakerSpace – Charlottesville Va

Staunton MakerSpace– Staunton Va

TinkerSphere– New York NY

Here are some things currently in our makerspace!


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