I am Ms. Charley,  I teach Preschool and I love it! I have been involved in Early  Childhood Education for the past ten years by teaching at a handful of Early Learning Centers and Preschools, as well as holding mentorships in Elementary Art Classes and Galleries. Currently I hold a Certification in Childhood Development and an Associates of Science Degree with a focus in Human Development. I am dedicated to helping children and families by facilitating both traditional and modern techniques to find creative solutions.

My personal philosophy on early childhood is fluid and flexible, because I believe these traits are valuable in an ever-changing world. I am always eager to explore new ideas and try new things to help create an enriched educational environment to  the best of my ability.

I currently work in a non-profit center that pulls from three Educational Philosophies; Reggio, Waldorf, and Montessori. Pulling the best qualities from these three philosophies keeps the center inclusive to as many children as possible, and allows the flexibility for all types of teachers to share their strengths. My personal philosophy and technique involves using the Montessori observation techniques paired with Waldorf play-based learning techniques. In doing so, I am able to find the subjects that interest the children and build a Provocation (Reggio) list based on those interests. Then I create a rough curriculum (Montessori) based on that list. This is ever changing as the interest of the children changes. The results of this system helps me create an assortment of Open Ended Projects (Reggio) that rely heavily on creating play based learning spaces that have a focus on arts and academics (Waldorf) through hands on learning. (Montessori)

Thank you for visiting my page! Please enjoy, use, and share any project that inspires you.

Summaries of Philosophies can be found at: https://www.pinterest.com/pin/446982331752417194/


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